Apricot/Peach Recipes - Cocktails & Refreshments


Children's Party Punch

6 Apricot/Peach Wild Fruitz Beverages
6 Cranberry Wild Fruitz Beverages
8 Bananas - sliced/cut-up
1/4 (4 oz.) Container sour cream

Whip the sour cream in a bowl with the cranberry and apricot/peach beverages.  After slicing and cutting up the bananas (medallions and then into quarters), gently pour them into the bowl.

Stir well and serve.

Apricot/Peach Recipes - Entrées


Kid's Veggies

1 Apricot/Peach Wild Fruitz Beverage
Dinner servings of string beans

Boil string beans in a pot of water until slightly 'al-dente'.  Drain 1/2 of the volume of water from the pot.   Substitute 1 bottle Apricot/Peach Wild Fruitz Beverage.  Boil for 2 minutes.

Serve as part of dinner meal.  Children love it.

Apricot/Peach Recipes - Desserts


Delicious Dessert Float

Pour Apricot/Peach Wild Fruitz beverage into the bottom of a dessert bowl.  Scoop in a measure or two of either Vanilla or Coffee ice cream.  Serve right away for a delicious dessert float.


For nutritional information and content ingredients, please see our description page on Wild Fruitz Apricot/Peach.

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