Huckleberry Blueberry Wild Fruitz is another fine 100% natural sparkling juice beverage.  This blend also contains 25% real fruit juice and no preservatives for a taste that is as pure as the fresh fruit picked from a tree (or bush in the case of these fruits).  Featuring a very clean blueberry and huckleberry flavor, this product has a very subtle sweetness and an extremely mild tart berry finish.

Ingredients: sparkling filtered water, cane sugar, huckleberry juice concentrate, blueberry juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, plum juice concentrate, citric acid, natural flavors.

Nutrition Facts: serving size 8fl oz; servings per container 1.5; calories 100; fat 0g; sodium 17mg; total carb 26g; sugars 24g; protein 0g.

Please see BevNet review from 1/1/03.

For cooking with Wild Fruitz Huckleberry/
Blueberry beverages, please see our section on Recipes with Wild Fruitz Huckleberry/Blueberry.

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